About Our Products

Everlife introduces its premium brand of lead-acid batteries, Evon to the consumers in order to give them a new height of satisfaction that they never experienced earlier. Focusing on unbeatable quality, unmatchable performance and ultra-smooth aftersales service, Evon will do justice to its consumers.

Evon offers batteries maintaining the highest standard of production and using the best raw materials available. Its R&D department has been tirelessly working to provide the most advanced category of batteries which will provide the utmost value to its users. To ensure high performance alongside the best charging and discharging result, unique grid design has been used with the perfect chemistry of special paste. Fully automatic curing facilities and perfectly timed formation mechanisms to achieve the highest lifetime of the Evon batteries. To seal the deal, Evon uses the best quality of Polypropylene (PP) container to make the batteries strong and withstand harsh conditions during their day to day operation.

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